It is common knowledge that solar energy is a powerful and renewable energy source. The requirement to explore alternative energy sources arose when people began to use fossil fuels on a very large scale. Fossil fuels such as gas, coal and natural gas are all finite energy sources because they're not readily available and will ultimately get exhausted. Aside from being a clean and renewable energy source, energy from the sun will never get used up.

Passive Solar Houses

One of the major applications of Southwestern solar power is the passive solar house. Within a passive solar house, there's no need for machines or generators. Energy from the sun is trapped by the house itself. For this to happen, the home as well as its windows needs to be carefully positioned for maximum exposure to the sun. Floors and walls are often constructed using materials that are known to amass as well as store Southwestern Solar energy. Cement and stone are often utilized because both absorb solar energy readily and release it as heat energy into the room. The light rays absorbed by the concrete and rock will continue to release heat all through the night, thus keeping the house warm until the sun is out the following day.

Active Solar Houses

Another major application of solar energy is the active solar house. Whilst a passive solar home simply makes the most of rays of light coming from the sun, an active solar house traps solar energy and converts it into energy which can be used to power home systems and appliances. This is achieved by heating water that is then pumped via pipes incorporated into the house's design. These solar powered homes are described as “active” due to the pumping and movement of water. In these homes, heated water can flow underneath floors to provide consistent warmth all through the house. Active solar power is most often utilized in colder climates wherein passive solar will not be sufficient to provide warmth and comfort. Visit Southwestern Solar Power Panels for additional information about solar panels for powering regular homes.

Active solar energy system can significantly decrease your home's dependence on fossil fuels however you may have to combine it with a backup energy system which runs as required and provides extra electrical energy to properly run home appliances. If you would like to get additional information about the uses of solar power, please visit Southwestern Solar.